Sunday, November 27, 2011

I am thankful for...

I am thankful for my FAMILY.
It was such a wonderful thanksgiving this year.
Both Jeff's and my sister were in town and so we got to spend time with them.
We wish Jeff's family could have been here to celebrate this beautiful holiday, but unfortunately it is not cheap to fly across the country. We hope they will be able to come see us here very soon though.
Thanksgiving day started out by taking family pictures.
I love how much my family is growing and that we were able to have Jeff's sister Hayley be a part of them.

The whole family together :)

Jeff, Hayley and I

I started getting a little silly

The Chou siblings

Me and my honey bunny

The rest of thanksgiving consisted of going to my families house and stuffing our faces with food. (Which is the way a successful thanksgiving should go)
I don't remember much after's very possible I went in to a food coma.

I truly am thankful for all of the amazing people in my life. Jeff and I are so blessed in so many ways and are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for all that He does and continues to do for us. We are so excited to begin the celebration of our Saviors birth with Christmas right around the corner.
With that said, let the Christmas decor and shopping begin!

Until next time...

Love, The Meise's

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Place of Our Own Part 1

We moved in to our new apartment and we absolutely love it!
I know you all have been waiting to see pictures of the place and so I couldn't put it off any longer, so here they are!
Please keep in mind that it's not done YET,
but it's definitely getting there.
It has been a small journey getting it all put together.
But with the help of my sweet mother and my new best friend HOBBY LOBBY,
we have gotten thus far.

This is our spacious living room with a peek of the dining room and kitchen.
(coffee table, entertainment center and couch: IKEA)

On the hunt for decorative pillows..

The beautiful kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops
(This is my favorite part of the apartment)

Our cute little dining room :)

The guest bathroom

So, I know these pictures are all kind of random but like I said it's not finished yet.
I am currently on the hunt for a cheap dresser to refurbish and the entertainment center isn't fully put together yet (I don't have a very hands on hubby unfortunately haha jk babe, but seriously he's not) so I'm stuck doing most of it myself and I don't really know how to mount something that big on the wall so that will be a chore all on it's own. I also haven't decided if I want to purchase a headboard or make one on my own. (I really need ideas so, I would really appreciate any input you have!!)

My favorite part about moving into a new apartment is finding things to put in the nook and cranny's of the place. Hobby Lobby is the perfect place to find these things! Also, since it's fall and I'm obsessed with fall colors, (not to mention everything was like 60%off) I went a little nuts in that section of the store. Here are a few of things I created...

I put this up in one of my bookshelves.

I just love it.
I plan on just changing out the fall stuff and putting in like wreath
type things with ornaments for Christmas.

Just a bunch of other little knick knacks I picked up at Hobby Lobby
(No, that's not's just a health drink in a wine like bottle)

Like I said, it's on it's way to getting finished but these things take time. Once it's all done and finished, I will give you all part 2! In the mean time, let me know what you think!

Until next time...

Love, The Meise's

Friday, November 4, 2011


Lately, I often find myself in deep thought of trying to find things to blog about.
I am NOT used to this.
When I started my blog, I had just gotten to NYC and there were endless things to write about. I literally had at least 3 things to blog about at one given time and had to narrow it down to either what happened first or what I thought was most important or fun to talk about. That's why I could blog like 3 times a week.
Any who, I thought it was time to update my readers (if you exist) about what has been going on with us.

We spent the first 2 days after we got home from NYC looking for an apartment in Scottsdale.
We found the most beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bathroom that's just a few miles away from where we work. We move in on Sunday and we can't wait!
Don't worry there will be an entire post dedicated to the finished look of our new home.

sneak peek of my kitchen!

Speaking of work, I got a job! Hooray, I am actually doing something productive again!
I am working at a chiropractic office in Scottsdale called Arizona Sports and Rehabilitation Center. It's perfect, I only work there 2-3 days a week so I can still look for a stylist position at a salon! I think the best part of my job though, is that I get free massages whenever I want! It's seriously awesome! If you don't get regular massages, I would totally recommend it. I feel so much more relaxed and rejuvenated after I get one.

Other than working and getting prepared to move, my time has been dedicated to taking care of the newest member of the Chou family (Chou is my maiden name). My mom decided to adopt the cutest little black kitten that someone just left at one of the schools she works at. She is so little that she still needs to be bottle fed. We haven't really named her yet, we like "Pepper" and "Sassy" but neither are permanent.

so tiny and cute

just taking a little cat nap ;)

Oh ya, I almost forgot about Halloween. Probably because we didn't do much. The coolest thing we did was go to the neighborhood block party in my parent's neighborhood. We did get to hang out with our awesome friends from down the street, Jake and Jourdan. They have the cutest little girl, Jelly (short for Jazelle) who is pretty much my BFF. She cries when I leave, that's how close we are. Jeff and I just adore her though. Jeff says that if we have a little girl as cute as her than it's okay that it's a girl. Haha What a guy thing to say.

just hanging out at the block party with Jake and Jourdan

Me and Jelly (I look scary, sorry)

Well that's the newest update from the Meise's for now. Stay tuned for the post on our new home once we're moved in and it's all decorated.

Until next time...

Love, The Meise's