Friday, September 30, 2011

A Wicked 26th Birthday

On Wednesday, we celebrated Jeff's 26th birthday!

Even on his birthday, he won't smile...I still love him though.

Unfortunately, he still had to attend training all day so I wasn't able to see him until later that evening. Jeff's mom Beth had been wanting to take me to the Broadway show Wicked since forever so it just so happened that it worked out we were able to meet up that day and go!
It was seriously amazing! I had no idea there was this whole other side and story to The Wizard of Oz.

Jeff's mom Beth and I after the show! We LOVED it!

After the show, Jeff met us in Manhattan and we went to dinner at the cutest, tastiest little Italian restaurant where we had maybe the best gnocchi and chicken parm. We will definitely be eating there again.

Unfortunately, after dinner it was starting to get late and so we walked Jeff's mom to Penn Station to get on her train back to Pennsylvania. We decided since it wouldn't take us long to get back to Brooklyn we would walk to Bryant Park.

Even though you can't see in this pic, this park is beautiful! I love seeing all the green in the middle of the big city. Makes you slow down in such a chaotic place and stop to appreciate nature.

We walked around a little more after that and decided it was getting late for us too so we headed back to our temporary home at the Brooklyn Marriott. When we got back I surprised Jeff with a little brownie/cheesecake cupcake from our favorite dessert shop Crumbs.

Yumm..doesn't it just make your mouth water looking at it? (This pic was taken after we ate a bite or five..)

I felt like such a bad wife because I didn't have a present to give Jeff on his actual birthday. He said he wanted to pick out something on his own and that he didn't want any surprises. The next day I just couldn't stand it and decided I HAD to get him something. So, I went to Nordstrom's Rack (one of our favorite stores) and got him these gorgeous brown Hugo Boss dress shoes.

Let's just say..he loved them.

I am so grateful for my honey bunny Jeff and that I got to celebrate his birthday with him. He completes me in every way and I can't imagine my life without him. I am so glad we were married and sealed in the temple so I know that no matter what we can be together for eternity! He really is the best! I love you sweetie, hope you had the best birthday! Can't wait to celebrate 26 more!

Until next time...

Love, The Meise's

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Week Down..

I have been in New York for one whole week now and let me tell you, I have been BUSY! I'm lucky I have an awesome exploring partner to help get me around everywhere. Nicole has been here a few weeks longer than me, so she has helped me navigate and learn the ways of a real New Yorker! This place is crazy at times and one thing I've learned is the buddy system is necessary.

Here are some of the fun things I haven done this past week:
Took a stroll through Central Park

Met up with my long time friend/neighbor Leslie and at Shake Shack in Time Square (so good, you have to go if you visit NY)

Went to the Lincoln Center in Manhattan and saw The New York Philharmonic Orchestra dress rehearsal for their opening night (wasn't quite sure of who they were but so glad I made the trip-they are absolutely AMAZING and apparently very famous) p.s this is my good friend/travel partner Nicole, she is awesome!

While standing in line to get our orchestra tickets we spotted the Manhattan Temple just across the street, so we stopped by and took a looksey after the concert.

Walked the entire Brooklyn Bridge and admired the spectacular view of the city (you can see a glimpse of it behind me)

I HAD to visit the Kardashian's store in SOHO (no, sadly none of the Kardashian's were there and everything was SO overpriced and not even that cute)

Jeff and I went to the Yankee vs. Rays game. We were really far up but right over home plate so we had an amazing view as you can see.

The Yankees gave us free license plate frames (so nice of them, right?)

Told you there was going to be a lot of pictures! As you can see, I have no problem staying busy while Jeff is in training all day long. It's definitely helping me become an independent woman. I can't even begin to say how happy I am that I decided to move out here, so Jeff and I could enjoy this adventure together.

Until next time...

Love, The Meise's

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My First Blog Post!

What a wonderful time it is in the life of the Meise's!!

I am so excited I finally figured out how to use this blog thing so I can document our adventure together.
As many of you know, Jeff got a job with J.P. Morgan (not to be confused with the retail bank Chase, even though they are a part of the same company- this is one of Jeff's biggest pet peeves) in Scottsdale, AZ. After a long wait of wondering if he was going to get the offer or not, we were so happy to hear that he would be one of two who would be taken on as a Private Banking Analyst.

So, in April we packed up our cute little apartment in Provo, UT and headed south to the sunny skies of Arizona to live with my parents
for a few months...and by a few months I mean like six. Jeff started his job in July and has been loving it since day one!

So, lets get to what we are up to these days....
All of the first year analysts of J.P. Morgan are required to do 8 weeks of training in NYC. Our original plan was for me to keep working at the salon I was at and to visit Jeff for a few days for his birthday this month, but about a week and a half into the training we couldn't stand being away from each other and decided it would be such an amazing opportunity if I could just come live with him for the rest of the time he was training. So that's where I am! I quit my job and we were reunited last Monday after three weeks of being apart! It has been a blast so far and it's only been a week! I love it here, and can't wait for all of the things I will get to do while I am here!

Well that's it for now, I will blog again soon with all of the fun things I have done this past week! (Lot's of pics too)